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At Blue Star, we define Sustainability as “The ability to meet our needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.” 

We are deeply committed to sustainability and through our constant efforts have become a leading voice for ‘green’ in our industry. We only promote responsible seafood sourcing and we have revolutionized ethical packaging. We are also continuously working to minimize our waste and carbon foot print.

Blue Star is strongly committed to sustainability concerning:

Fishery Improvement Plan     Environment       Quality       Community

Fishery Improvement Plan

The Fishery Improvement Plan includes

  • A ban on the fishing of small crabs/juveniles, and egg-bearing females 

  • An increase to the stocks,

  • The development of policies that protect and sustain crabs (including the protection of nursery grounds, spawning areas).

The Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association (APRI) and Blue Star Foods (a founding member) are committed to: 

  • The sustainability of the crab harvest to the supply chain

  • Increasing crab populations through stock enhancement,

  • Collaborating with universities to support scientific research,

  • Supporting MMAF to develop a national Fishery Management Plan

  • Working closely with the fishing community to establish community based fishery management. 

In December 2016, Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) issued a Ministerial Decree regarding the fisheries management plan of blue swimming crab fisheries. The decree identified a decline in the population of Portunus pelagicus (Blue Swimming Crab) and implemented measures including a minimum harvest size and a ban on berried female crabs.

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) Crab Council and Blue Star Foods (as an executive committee member) commended the decree as a significant milestone in Indonesia’s blue swimming crab policy. As a result, a Fishery Improvement Plan  will create a sustainable impact to the supply chain, blue swimming crab resources and also to the ecosystem where the blue swimming crab is harvested.


Blue Star exclusively uses blue swimming crab, which is not an endangered species.


We only support local fishermen that use environmentally friendly fishing practices.

  • Artisanal Fishing Practices, which are less intensive and less stressful on the crab population.

  • The use of safer crabbing equipment, which allow juvenile crabs to escape.

  • The respect of pregnant crabs, allowing the species to breed and replenish the population.


Sustainable Sourcing from Sustainable Fisheries

Blue Star is committed to reducing energy and waste through innovative packaging and has led the way in ethical and sustainable packaging since the introduction of its Eco-Fresh foil pouches in 2003.

How Eco-Fresh Pouches reduce energy:

  • Our innovative packaging for Eco-Fresh crab meat requires 45% less energy to produce than cans.

  • The compact size of our green packaging for Eco-Fresh crab meat reduces fossil fuel and energy consumption in storage and transport.

  • Our packaging for Eco-Fresh crab meat uses less non-renewable fuel energy than cans or plastic by shortening the cooking times during the pasteurization process.

How Eco-Fresh Crabmeat Pouches reduce waste:

  • Our green packaging for Eco-Fresh crab meat uses less waste material than cans or plastic.

  • Our foresight in packaging has saved over 866 tons of metal or 380 tons of plastic material that would have required environmentally harmful waste management by incinerator or land fill.

Energy and Waste Reduction via Ethical and Sustainable Packaging


A High Quality product with Sustainable Value                                                                               Back to top

Sustainable Value

Fresh: Our crabs are caught daily, arriving at our plants within hours of being crabbed.

Live: Our crabs are caught live and handled in a way that prevents damage and/or stress.

Clean: Our crabs are harvested from waters free of contamination and our handling practices ensure that our crabs are kept free of contaminants with the highest quality in hygiene standards.

Natural: Our crabs are 100% natural. We do not mix other Portunus species in our crabmeat.

Quality Value

Improved Taste: Our green packaging for Eco-Fresh crab meat allows us to offer a product with improved flavour due to shorter cooking times. Processing times are typically faster in pouches than metal or plastic containers, preserving the natural sweetness and moisture of the crab meat.

Extended Shelf Life: Our green packaging for Eco-Fresh crab meat offers an extended shelf life of up to eighteen months.

Less Waste: Our green packaging for Eco-Fresh crab meat facilitates the complete evacuation of our product, thus reducing the amount of product waste and improving the yield for your food application.

Reduce Costs: Our lightweight pouches for Eco-Fresh crab meat are easy to handle. They also reduce storage and shipping costs because of their compact design.

Safer to Handle: Our pouches are safer to handle because they lack the sharp edges found on cans



National Fisheries Institute (NFI) Crab Council

The NFI is a non-profit organisation dedicated to education about seafood safety, sustainability, and nutrition. NFI and its members are committed to sustainable management of our oceans and being stewards of our environment by endorsing the United Nations Principles for Responsible Fisheries. The NFI Crab Council provides a common voice for companies and suppliers committed to supporting and encouraging producers and exporters worldwide to advance sustainability efforts for the swimming crab. Blue Star is a member of the Executive Committee for the Crab Council.

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

The BRC Global Standards are a suite of four industry-leading Technical Standards that specify requirements to be met by an organization to enable the production, packaging, storage and distribution of safe food and consumer products. Their Global Standard is recognized in the UK and around the globe as a benchmark for food standards. Blue Star brands are accredited by the BRC.

Indonesian Blue Swimming Crab Association

Phillipine Association of Crab Processors, Inc.

The APRI and PACPI promote the well being of the crab industry and takes action to ensure the sustainability of the blue swimming crab through collaboration with government, universities and NGOs. Its members represent over 80% of all crab exporters. Blue Star is a Founding Member of APRI. We are constantly presenting and/or sponsoring workshops about maintaining the blue swimming crab population.

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