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Premium quality crab meat for today's 'food to go' market

   More consumers are taking meals   'on the go' with many demanding a healthier option

Blue Star's 85 gram Eco-Fresh pouches of lump or claw crab meat are ideal for a healthy and nutritious, 'food to go' option.

Wild caught  Ready to eat 


Crab meat

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Blue Star has been proudly processing, packaging and selling pasteurized Blue Crab meat in the U.K., Europe, U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and Asia since 1995


In the U.K. and Europe our best selling products are Claw Meat and Lump Meat and both are available in 142 gram (retail ) or 454 gram (food service industry) packs.


For a low fat, nutritious meal, Blue Star crab meat is the perfect choice. High in protein and essential vitamins and minerals, containing important quantities of Omega 3, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous; all of which are components of a heart-healthy, well-balanced diet.


Delicious recipes for our Blue Star Crab Meat


The ability to meet our needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

We are deeply committed to sustainability and through our constant efforts have become a leading voice for ‘green’ in our industry. We only promote responsible seafood sourcing and we have revolutionized ethical packaging. We are also continuously working to minimize our waste and carbon footprint.

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